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Villa Loredana - Peroj, Istria

... the right place for your holiday in Istria


ImagePeroj is a village in Vodnjan municipality, which is only 1 km from the sea and near well-known tiurist destinations in Istria. As such, Peroj is an ideal place for vacation for people who wish to stay in a quiet area, away from the noise and beaches, yet close to the towns, holiday resorts and various sports and other activities. Peroj has a long and diverse history, and is known for its wines and olive oils.


ImagePula is the largest city in Istrian county. Pula is known for its mild climate, clear and blue sea and untouched nature. As Pula has a very long and diverse history, it has many historical monuments, especially from the Roman empire times: Arena (Amphitheatre), Temple of Augustus, Triumphal Arch of Sergi (Golden Gate), Gate of Hercules, etc. City is also known for its tourism, fishing, shipbuilding and winemaking.

Nationaln Park Brijuni

ImageNational Park Brijuni is the only national park in Istria. Park has 14 islands and 736 hectares, and very interesting and well-indented coast. It is well known for its flora and fauna - Brijuni are famous for their e.g. bird species, sheep from Ethiopia, antelopes form India, guineas, zebras, lamas, deer and other venison. As Brijuni also have a very long history which started in the year 3000 BC, you can also visit monuments such as Roman villa with thermae, Temple of Venus, Byzantine Castrum, etc.


ImagePorec is Istrian town, which is almost 2000 years old, and is situated on the Western coast of Istrian peninsula. It is known for organic food processing, olives, grapes and top quality wines. As Porec has a diverse and long history, it also has many monuments such as Euphrasius' Basilica (protected UNESCO monument), the original old streets Dekumanus and Cardo Maximus, etc. You can also visit Baredine cave and Lim Fjord.


ImageVodnjan is a small town in South-West Istria, only 11,7 km from the sea. Vodnjan has maintained its unique look of Medieaval towen, with its narrow and atria streets, cobble streets and facades, etc. The inhabitants of Vodnjan are known for their winemaking and olive oil making. This town also has a long history, so you can visit Church of St. Blaise with the mummies of the saints, Church of Our Lady of Mount Caramel, Church of St. Jacob, Church of St. Catherine, etc.


ImageRovinj is one of the best known travel destinations in Istria. It is situated on the western coast of peninsula. Rovinj is a picturesque fishing village, its old part was built on the hill. As all other towns and villages in Istria, Rovinj has a very diverse history, and many historical monuments, which remind us of that history. The most important historical monmument in Rovinj is the Church St. Euphemia.